Toothpaste tablets are a plastic-free alternative to toothpaste

Is there a sustainable alternative for toothpaste? Does plastic free toothpaste exist? Chews ToothChews toothpaste tablets have your zero waste prayers answered.

Whether you’re just starting out going plastic-free or you’ve been on your sustainability journey for a while, there is always room for improvement to be found in the most unusual places. Take a look in your bathroom, wedged between all your other eco-friendly products, and next to your bamboo toothbrush you may just find a plastic tube of traditional toothpaste. It’s easy to do. Even with our push away from plastic bags and other items, plastic toothpaste tubs are still the norm.

Is there a sustainable alternative for toothpaste waste, I hear you ask? Despite a huge shift in natural toothpaste in recent years, you may be hard-pressed to find a toothpaste option that will ensure your teeth get everything they need without coming in a pesky plastic tube. That’s where HelloChews toothpaste tablets come in, saving your gums and the Planet one toothy tab at a time.

There is a plastic-free solution!

HelloChews ToothChews are 100% Australian-made, dentist-designed chewable toothpaste tablets. One solid bite-sized chew is all you need to prevent tooth decay, with each tab specifically formulated with the exact amount of fluoride that you need.

Fluoride is actually the key element found in these fluoride toothpaste tabs (and of course, other traditional fluoride toothpaste) that prevents tooth decay. The majority of other toothpaste tabs on the market currently are formulated without it.

Sodium Fluoride is a naturally occurring element found in freshwater, rocks, and soil. It helps to strengthen the tooth enamel and reduce the amount of acid that the bacteria on your teeth produce. The Australian Dental Association explains fluoride “gives your teeth extra strength when they’re developing so they’re better able to resist the bacterial acid that causes tooth decay.”  Dr. James Fernando of Melbourne Dental School backs the superpowers of fluoride even further by saying “toothpaste should be able to remove plaque, prevent gum disease and tooth decay, and fluoride is a big part of that.”

Only natural ingridients and no nasties!

Unlike conventional toothpaste, ToothChews toothpaste tablets are high-performance teeth cleaners made from completely natural ingredients that don’t harm the Planet. The active ingredients in each ToothChew have been carefully formulated by Dr Rob.

Dr Rob is a leading Australian dentist with years of experience in keeping teeth in tip-top condition. Dr.Rob and his expert team took over 18 months of careful research to develop a product full of only the best ingredients. The result is free from harmful chemicals toothtablets which still allow you to maintain the highest standard of oral hygiene.

These ingredients include:

  • Calcium Carbonate which has been proven to be naturally more effective at removing stains and keeping your teeth pearly white;
  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate derived from coconut oil for the foaming aspect helping to move all the good minerals around your mouth while you brush;
  • Rice Starch to naturally keep the chews together;
  • And of course  – mint for that freshness we all know and love! 

All of these ingredients combined mean no harsh chemicals go down the drain and are formulated to replace conventional toothpaste without compromising on a clean smile. Oh and they’re completely vegan and cruelty-free and contain no sulfates, of course.

Make a switch to toothpaste tablets! You’ll like it!

Like anything new, it may feel a bit strange biting into a tablet than smearing out paste onto a toothbrush. But rest assured the amazing peppermint taste and knowledge that you are no longer contributing to the plastic waste problem will help make the switch a no-brainer.

Firstly pop the chew into your mouth. Chew it for about 10-20 seconds, dissolving directly in with your saliva to create a foamy mint paste. If your mouth is a little dry, take a sip of water to help, no problem.

Secondly, using a wet toothbrush, brush your teeth as you normally would (for at least 2 minutes as recommended by any good dentist). All the ingredients in each crushed tab will react and work together to clean your teeth and maintain oral hygiene.

Then finally spit, and rinse. Repeat as required as a part of your oral hygiene routine, and especially after you eat a big bowl of popcorn.

Did you know that toothpaste tubes are not recyclable?

Aside from their high-performance teeth cleaning ability, the best part about Chews ToothChews is their power in reducing waste. As RecycleNow explains, “Toothpaste tubes are often made of different types of plastics. Tubes also contain a metal layer (in order to keep it minty fresh!). In general, they are not recyclable.” This means up to 50 million toothpaste tubes end up in landfills every year in Australia. That’s enough rubbish to stretch around Australia- TWICE!

Chews ToothChews eliminate unnecessary waste by being packaged completely free from plastic. These minty-fresh sustainable toothpaste tablets come in two different eco-friendly packaging and sizes to ensure the toothpaste tabs are kept dry and sealed.

One is a glass jar that can be recycled or reused eternally after use, supplying you with 3 months’ worth of the best toothpaste in a jar. A great option to save time and money by reducing the need to purchase as often and save on postage costs!

Or there’s the Trendy Tin, a fully 100% recycled and 100% reusable aluminium tin in a cool bold blue or beachy peach. The design of these tins means they’re super easy to take traveling and are heat resistant. You can leave them in your car without fear of them melting into spearmint glue. The tins are also approved travel-size toothpaste. Both packaging options meet fully recyclable standards without needing any extra preparation or cleaning to become a part of the sustainable cycle. ToothChews toothpaste tabs are truly zero waste.

Zero-waste without compromise.

Going tubeless and buying HelloChews ToothChews means you’re supporting a small Australian local business.

Dr. Rob, the brains behind Chews ToothChews is a dentist from Noosa, in beautiful sunny Queensland, Australia. Having spent many years helping people maintain oral health, he’s seen the changes and improvements in dentistry over the years.

However, sustainability and zero waste considerations were something that dentistry and even the best toothpaste brands in Australia seemed to lack. Traditional toothpaste was filled with too many chemicals, used far too much plastic, wasn’t always travel friendly. Those who have kids know that it is also very messy to use.

Dr. Rob had a lot of criteria to check off. His strong desire to create a more sustainable world combined with his passion for health meant it was time for a change. HelloChews toothpaste tablets are a credit to the innovation required to tackle the current waste problem around the world. They are a true zero waste sustainable alternative.

We’re proud to be stocking ToothChews toothpaste tabs in both the jar and tin options in our online eco-store. It’s an easy switch to make today. The switch that has countless benefits from helping the Planet to supporting small business. Word is, HelloChews ToothChews will keep you smiling beautifully from ear to ear and with a minty fresh breath. Make the switch today!

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