Woohoo All Natural Deodorant Paste in a Tin, Mellow


  • Vegan
  • 100% natural
  • For sensitive skin
  • Uncented
  • Recyclable & reusable tin
  • No aluminium or parabens
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Unscented deodorant by Woohoo

Ditch the itch with this bicarb-free unscented deodorant by Woohoo, giving you fresh, clean underarms for super sensitive skin. Gentle on skin and the Earth, Mellow is Certified Plastic Negative, Cruelty-Free, and 100% vegan. With two convenient travel size options in zero-waste reusable tins, take your discrete BO-busting companion with you wherever you go.

Perfect protection of Mellow unscented deodorant

Itching, burning, and chafing are three things you don’t want anywhere near the sensitive skin of your underarms. So, when it comes to getting hot and sweaty, how do you rid yourself of body odor without causing irritation from harmful antiperspirants?

For the best of us, a nice natural deodorant balm will do the trick, but for those predisposed to skin sensitivities, even natural can be nasty. Most eco deodorants rely on bicarb as the sole BO-buster working wonders for most. Trouble is, bicarb can irritate the skin on rare occasions.

Does that mean if you have sensitive skin you’re doomed to choose between the consequences of your morning Zumba class, or suffer through the pain of inflamed pits? Of course not! Woohoo Body has come up with the perfect bicarb-free, all-natural solution.

This unscented deodorant by Woohoo neutralizes BO in minutes, giving you fresh scentless underarms for hours – minus the itch. Mellow contains no irritants or essential oils and is conveniently packaged in a sustainable travel-size tin.

Gentle for skin and Earth

While working magic on your sweaty summer skin, Mellow takes eco-friendly to a whole new level. Each eco deodorant is Certified Plastic Negative, removing twice as much nature-bound plastic as each product creates. The gentle nature of Mellow doesn’t end there either.

Inside every reusable, zero-waste tin is a soothing formula of organic vegan deodorant that fights BO and leaves skin nourished. Using three natural body odor neutralizers, softening shea butter, and activated charcoal, this is a natural deodorant balm that actually works!

A mellow amuse of an unscented deodorant

Thanks to the mini travel size deodorant option of 10g, the Mellow unscented deodorant is the perfect handbag throw-and-go. With the simple application of a pea-sized swoop under each arm, enjoy all-day coverage and no sticky residue.

Bicarb, fragrance, and essential oil free, the pocket-size deodorant is so subtle that the only giveaway you’re wearing it is your sudden lack of BO. Now, get out there with your hands in the air and revel in your fresh, scentless underarms! Woohoo!

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How to dispose

Tins can easily be repurposed and used for keeping small items such as earrings and spices., Check with your local council if they will take it and what criteria they have for recycling it. You can “Find a recycler” near you here: https: recyclingnearyou.com.au.


  • Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter*,
  • Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*,
  • Manihot Esculenta (Tapioca) Root Starch,
  • Magnesium Hydroxide,
  • Kaolin Clay,
  • Euphorbia Cerifera Cera (Candelilla) Wax,
  • Triethyl Citrate,
  • Isoamyl Laurate,
  • Zinc Oxide (non-nano),
  • Polyglyceryl-2 Caprate,
  • Silica,
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E),
  • Activated Charcoal Powder


* Certified organic ingredients



  • Make a patch test prior to use.
  • Discontinue use if rash or irritation occurs.
  • If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your medical professional prior to use. 

Please remember that natural deodorants work by neutralising odour and absorbing moisture. Unlike antiperspirants, they don’t block your pores with aluminium to stop you from sweating.


For deodorants in tins, just scoop out a pea-size amount using your clean fingertip or a spatula. Massage it into your clean armpit until absorbed.  Remember that in this case – the less is the best. Soon you’ll understand how much you need.

For  deodorants in cardboard tubes, remove lid and push up gently from bottom of tube to expose 1-2mm of deodorant. Apply to your underarm and other sweaty areas. If your deodorant is stuck (it can happen in colder months), just roll it back and forth on a flat surface, pressing firmly to loosen, then push up from the bottom of tube, applying pressure at the edge rather than the center. On a very cold day you might need to hold the deodorant to your skin for a moment to warm it slightly first. 

How to store:

Store below 30 degrees C away from direct sunlight. 

All natural deodorants in our range contain coconut oil and shea butter. These are very nourishing ingredients but they are prone to state changes depending on temperature.  Thus some small cracks, holes and oily spots (on their cardboards) may occur. This does not spoil the quality. Products will remain naturally perfect! 🙂

Detox your pit:

There is a good chance you will experience  a ‘transitioning period’ when making the switch to natural deodorant.  Some also call it the ‘detox process’ or “pit detox”.

Usually it takes from 2 to 4 weeks for a body to get rid of the toxins it once held. The detox will most definitely happen if you were using antiperspirants that contain aluminium salts which plug your sweat glands. When you stop using them, you stop blocking your sweat glands.

As a result, you may sweat more for a short period of time and notice you’re a little smellier than usual.

But please  – don’t give up! Let your  body detoxify and start ‘breathing’ again. It will soon get much better.

Bellow are a few tips to help speed up your body’s natural detoxification process:

  • Take your natural deodorant with you and reapply (a tiny amount) if needed.
  • Use a loofah, mitt, or body brush in the shower and gently exfoliate your armpits.
  • Use your deodorant morning and night to give it an extra boost.
  • Avoid wearing synthetic clothing as studies suggest it breeds odour causing bacteria! Cotton, bamboo, hemp, or linen are great choices.
  • Apply a natural clay mask to your armpits at least once per week for a couple of weeks. 


The tin can be recycled locally (check with your council).

Also you can “Find a recycler” near you here: https://recyclingnearyou.com.au.

Natural deodorant paste (60g or 10g) in a tin.

Store below 30 degrees celsius away from direct sunlight.

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  1. ash.gornton (verified owner)

    A bought a bundle of travel size deos. This one is unscented, for me it’s a bit boring, but works the same as others

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