3-month Supply Pouch & Reusable Tin, toothpaste tabs set by Dr. Robb

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Plastic free toothpaste tablets Australia made



HelloChews ToothChews are 100% Australian made, dentist designed chewable toothpaste tablets. One solid bite-sized chew is all you need to prevent tooth decay, with each tab specifically formulated with the exact amount of fluoride that you need.

Fluoride is actually the key element found in these fluoride toothpaste tabs (and of course, other traditional fluoride toothpaste) that prevents tooth decay. The majority of other toothpaste tabs on the market currently are formulated without it.

Sodium Fluoride is a natural occurring element found in freshwater, rocks and soil that helps to strengthen the tooth enamel and reduce the amount of acid that the bacteria on your teeth produce. The Australian Dental Association explains fluoride “gives your teeth extra strength when they’re developing so they’re better able to resist the bacterial acid that causes tooth decay.”  Dr James Fernando of Melbourne Dental School backs the superpowers of fluoride even further by saying “toothpaste should be able to remove plaque, prevent gum disease and tooth decay, and fluoride is a big part of that.”

Unlike conventional toothpaste, HelloChews  toothpaste tablets are high-performance teeth cleaners made from completely natural ingredients that don’t harm the Planet. The active ingredients in each ToothChew have been carefully formulated by Dr Rob, a leading Australian dentist with years of experience in keeping teeth in tip-top condition. Dr Rob and his expert team took over 18 months of careful research to develop a product full of only the best ingredients, free from harmful chemicals but equally important in maintaining the highest standard of oral hygiene.

Aside from their high-performance teeth cleaning ability, the best part about Chews ToothChews is their power in reducing waste. As RecycleNow explains, “Toothpaste tubes are often made of different types of plastics, as well as containing a metal layer (in order to keep it minty fresh!). In general, they are not recyclable.” This means up to 50 million toothpaste tubes end up in landfills every year in Australia. That’s enough rubbish to stretch around Australia- TWICE!

We’re proud to be stocking Dr. Robb (ToothChews) toothpaste tabs in the glass  jar, paper pouch and reusable tin  in our online ecostore. It’s an easy switch to make today that has countless benefits from helping the Planet to supporting small business. Word is,  HelloChews ToothChews will keep you smiling beautifully from ear to ear and with a minty fresh breath. Make the switch today!

Reusable Tin (Empty) , ToothChews by Dr.Robb

  • Empty reusable tin

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Toothpaste Tabs in 3-month Pouch, ToothChews by Dr. Robb

  • 180 Peppermint tablets
  • Australian made
  • Biodegradable bag
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free

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