Stunning Foundation, Catherine B


  • Organic
  • Lightweight foundation
  • Perfect for pale, cool toned skin
  • Light, smoothing coverage
  • 100% recyclable tin


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Who does this colour suit?  Stunning is the lightest of the foundation range and has a pink undertone. Perfect for pale, cool toned (blue undertone) skin. This foundation offers light, smoothing coverage.

Have you ever noticed how unpleasant a foundation smells? Well here at Catherine B we are nothing if not fragrance snobs!

So we’d like to introduce a sensory bonanza – a foundation that smells so good (you almost want to eat it) and it feels super soft and delicious.

This oil based foundation is truly magical. Once you apply it, (using a sponge or your fingers), it leaves a powdery soft feeling on to your skin, balancing out your skin tone and allowing your own natural pizzazz to shine through.

What’s awesome about this foundation is the decadent oils that go into it.
Have you heard of cloudberry oil?  The fruit is super popular in Norway, and the oil smells so yummy in its raw form, it reminds me of banana bread, but I digress.
Cloudberry oil is super high in vitamin C, which is good for keeping your skin supple and youthful, and while we are on that theme.. I mean who doesn’t want more youthful looking skin?  I added Camellia oil, Evening Primrose oil, Calendula infused Castor oil and topped it off with Ho Wood, Geranium, Copaiba and Frankincense essential oils, as these oils are also well known for their fountain of youth abilities.

Skin hydration is important, especially when your coating it with powders, so we welcome Baobab oil, Abyssinian oil, Moringa oil, Kokum butter and Shea butter to keep you soft and moisturised during the day!

The colours are made from all natural ingredients, oat silk powder, rice powder, zinc and titanium dioxide and oxides and micas (ground up minerals).
All oxides and micas are from ethical and conscious businesses (this means they don’t use child labor).



Weight N/A

On a hot day

If you get your package on a very hot day of summer, pop the product in the fridge before using it.

How to dispose

Tins can easily be repurposed and used for keeping small items such as earrings and spices., Check with your local council if they will take it and what criteria they have for recycling it. You can “Find a recycler” near you here: https:


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Application Tips: Best applied with a damp sponge or your fingers. In the cooler weather you may need to put a small amount of the back of your hand to warm up prior to application.

  • Oat silk powder,
  • Organic baobab oil,
  • Abyssinian oil,
  • Zinc oxide,
  • Organic camellia oil,
  • Mica,
  • Organic kokum butter,
  • Organic moringa oil,
  • Rice powder,
  • Cloudberry oil,
  • Organic evening primrose oil,
  • Magnesium stearate,
  • Silica microspheres,
  • Kaolin clay,
  • Organic candelilla wax,
  • Titanium dioxide,
  • Organic shea butter,
  • Organic calendula infused in organic castor oil,
  • Organic rosehip oil,
  • Ho wood essential oil,
  • Geranium essential oil,
  • Copaiba essential oil,
  • Frankincense essential oil,
  • Vitamin E.
  • Make a patch test prior to use.
  • Discontinue use if rash or irritation occurs.
  • If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your medical professional prior to use. 

More Than Just a Makeup Brand

Catherine B is more than just an eco-friendly, vegan makeup brand, it is a way for women, and family, to lift their spirits and self-confidence with the power of nature. A beautiful medley of essential oils enlightens the senses with every application, working deeply with your emotions and offering a lovely mood enhancement to complement any day or night. 

Whether you believe in magic or not, there is no doubt that Catherine’s intentions for her products make a profound impact on every user, not only transforming physical beauty but highlighting inner beauty as well. To finish on a sentiment by Catherine about achieving your dreams, she says that if you want to achieve anything, the “how” is not important, focus on the “why” and what it is you want, and as she would say with a bright smile on her face “Get out of your own way!”

Foundation (5g or 30g) packaged in a recyclable tin.


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