Passionfruit & Lime Scented Pure Soy Candle, Kenshi


  • Soy Fragranced Candle
  • Life-changing
  • Vegan
  • Sustainable
  • Perfect Eco-friendly gift

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Life-changing vegan candles

This uplifting scented vegan candles’ cocktail of passionfruit, lime, and dazzling aroma additions fills any room with energy and smiles while living up to a greater purpose. Each Kenshi candle funds 8 meals to families in need across Australia and helps support disadvantaged children from CIS countries.

Lighting the flame of hope

The Passion Fruit and Lime Kenshi vegan candles are brightly scented room enhancers, with a powerful purpose. Every candle is part of a greater mission to eradicate hunger in Australia and support orphaned, abandoned, and sick children from CIS countries.

All this is made possible by you, and our exciting partnership with three incredible charities, Kenshi Charity Candles, Make a Difference Community, and Little Cloud Foundation.

Trust the process of making vegan candles

Along with a high-impact purpose, the production process of these delicious eco soy scented candles is environmentally low-impact while uplifting skilled refugee artisans, forced to flee their homes in Myanmar and settle in Melbourne, Australia for a better life.

Members of the Chin refugee community hand-pour every Kenshi candle using only the finest natural ingredients for a soft, quality flame that lasts for hours of indulgence. Enjoy pure soy wax, blended with an array of carefully selected luxury essential oils around a cotton wick.

Passion with a punch

The invigorating potion of exotic scents and flavors creates a fiesta of tooty-fruity passionfruit and lime aromas, fused with enchanting hints of raspberry, rose, and juicy honeydew melon completing the essential oil cocktail. Uplift any situation with this ideal Australian-made eco-friendly gift.

Not just one – but three charities!

Inspired by Kenshi Candles Charity drive to make a difference, we wanted to compound the impact of purchasing a Kenshi Candle through our ecostore and donate all net profits from each sale of a candle to two more charities close to our hearts – The Little Cloud Foundation and the Make A Difference Community.

Little Cloud Foundation looks after children

The Little Cloud Foundation was founded by Kristina Kolupaeva and her several friends who travelled through Russia only to discover an overwhelming number of orphaned or abandoned children living in institutions that were not receiving proper care. With state-run hospitals, orphanages and birth centres struggling to meet even the basic needs of the children, Little Cloud Foundation helps to make feasible contributions to children who have been deprived of love and care. Little Cloud Foundation supports and empowers these children residing in either Australia or Former Soviet Union countries.

Make a Difference community helps to eradicate hunger in Australia

The Make A Difference community, as equally inspiring, is a social enterprise on a mission to eradicate hunger. The Make A Difference Community currently buys just over 5 tonnes of pasta and rice every month, which is then donated to food rescue and relief charities across Australia. This feeds hundreds of disadvantaged people across our country who would otherwise struggle to eat. From the sale of one Kenshi Candles Charity, we can purchase the equivalent of eight meals, providing a hearty meal and alleviating the stress of food insecurity.


Weight 380 g

How to dispose

Cardboard can be composted at home or recycled in kerbside recycling., Glass can easily be repurposed and used for planting and seedling. It is also good for storing make-up brushes and pencils., Check with your local council if they will take it and what criteria they have for recycling it. You can “Find a recycler” near you here: https:



Safety instruction:

  1. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  2. Do not burn 380g candles for less than 1 hour or more than 4 hours at a time. 
  3. Stop burning when 10mm of wax remains in the jar. (Failure to follow steps 2 and 3, especially in combination, will result in glass over heating and potentially cracking in some situations).
  4. Ensure wicks are trimmed to 5-10mm before each use.
  5. Do not extinguish with water.
  6. Never move a burning candle.


  • Natural Soy Wax
  • Essential oils
  • Cotton Wicks


  • Passionfruit & Lime
  • Top Notes: Lime, raspberry
  • Middle Notes: Passionfruit, honeydew
  • Base Notes: Rose, vanilla



Kenshi Candles are not just candles 

Kenshi Candles Charity was founded by a fourteen-year-old boy who wanted to change the world. Liam Foldi saw the struggle of charities being able to raise enough funds and so sought out to create products that give back, with over half of the net profits donated directly to projects across the world.

The projects Kenshi Candles supports help provide nutritious meals to people struggling with food insecurity, school supplies for disadvantaged kids and homes for people in remote villages or those living below the poverty line – just to name a few. Kenshi Candles Charity has raised over $65,000 for projects across Australia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and Myanmar.

Kenshi Candles Charity, as the name suggests, creates beautiful hand-poured scented soy candles, right here in Melbourne. The entire process, from pour to packaging is done in-house by hand, using the highest-grade natural soy wax, essential oils and cotton wicks and are 100% vegan. Each scented soy candle is designed to elevate your home space with a soft flame that burns for hours of tranquil enjoyment.

As the demand grew for the hand poured candles, Kenshi Candles Charity also saw an opportunity to further help their community and now employs Chin refugees from Myanmar who were forced to flee their homes due to the threat of persecution by Myanmar’s oppressive government. With every candle purchased, Kenshi Candles Charity is not only able to provide income to members of the refugee community of Melbourne but also fund projects around the world that are helping those who need it most.


Candle in a glass jar with a glass lid (380 g) in a carton box.

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  1. nokomarinka (verified owner)

    A candle is big and heavy. Scent is strong and fresh. Not cheap, but probably price is fair enough, as money goes to 3 charities. The candle comes in glass jar with lid which you want to keep and reuse somehow.

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