LastSwab Beauty (Black), LastObject


  • Includes 1 Case + 1 Swab
  • Reusable & Sustainable
  • Sanitary alternative to cotton swabs
  • Pointed tip for make up

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LastSwab makeup reusable Q-tips are a sustainable sanitary alternative to cotton buds. With pointed tips specially designed for makeup touch-ups and cleaning tight spaces, our reusable makeup q tips are must-have for your makeup bag!

Let’s free our lives from single-use cotton swabs and give back to our planet by fighting against single use products that create waste and pollution.Bio-based carrying case Our case is convenient to store in a makeup bag and take with you on the go.

Reusable Q-Tips for Makeup:

The sturdiness and shape of the swab make cleaning up your makeup even easier than with a traditional cotton swab.Environmental and Durable Our innovative design features a soft-feel tip made of medical silicone. It is delicate enough to be suitable for sensitive body parts, and so precise that it’ll become a make-up essential.

Weight 18 g

How to dispose

Cardboard can be composted at home or recycled in kerbside recycling., Check with your local council if they will take it and what criteria they have for recycling it. You can “Find a recycler” near you here: https:


  • The LastSwab Beauty has a pointed tip and a rounded tip specially designed for makeup touch-ups and cleaning tight spaces.
  • You can wash it with soap and water after each use.

The swab ends are made of the rubber-like material TPE, and the rod is made of plastic reinforced with glass fiber. The case comes in two versions and is either made of the plant-based material PLA, or of recycled ocean-bound plastic.


Isabel Aagaard, 29, is a designer by trade and eco-conscious by nature. Frustrated by all of the single-use products out there, she decided to design innovative solutions to wasteful habits that make a lasting positive impact. LastObject was founded 2018 with the first product being LastSwab (2019) and earlier this year, LastTissue was bought to life. Isabel also just gave birth to her first child, a healthy perfect boy. As an eco-fighter and power-mom that always leads by example, she truly stands by her products and hopes to inspire others to adapt to living sustainably.

Designed in Denmark

Brand is based in Copenhagen Denmark, where all the products are designed and prototyped. The production is located in both Denmark and China.

LastObject seems to have hit a nerve among many consumers as more than 30,000 backers said goodbye to the single-use cotton swabs and bought the LastSwab during our initial crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In fact, many pre-pledged their purchase even before the launch date of the campaign. This initial success shows the potential of transforming traditional single-use products into reusable ones, and the LastSwab is just the tip of the spear for opening people’s ears to this radical change of how we view products. The goal is to have our products available all over the world in mainstream retail outlets such as Walmart and Tesco in order to secure significant impact.


1 x reusable Lastswab Beauty packaged in paper

1 review for LastSwab Beauty (Black), LastObject

  1. sunnysunita (verified owner)

    I do eyelash extensions 2 times a year. This is a time to suffer for beauty. Last swab works great when things get in my eyes. I don’t put on much makeup, eyeliner only. Q-tip works great for helping smooth my eye line and wash it off in the evening. Love the concept, packaging and presentation.

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