Goat Milk Soap Bar, Touchwood Farm


  • Goat milk natural soap bar
  • Made ethically in Tasmania
  • For all skin types
  • No toxins


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Touchwood Farm’s goat milk soaps are made on a remote farm in Tasmania, Australia. The soaps are made from local Tasmanian herbs, beeswax, honey, Tasmania olive oil, coconut oil and fresh raw milk of the happy goats free-roaming on the farm.

This Australian-made goat milk soap nourishes your skin with a bubbly soft lather full of natural ingredients, not man-made chemicals. This soap is full of natural vitamins, not petroleum products, natural fatty reams without palm oil, and plant and animal minerals not esters or SLS.

When you use one of the Touchwood Farms soaps, you are looking after your skin, the lather is penetrating and will leave your skin silky smooth with a soft feel.

Choose one of the seven options available in our eco-store. Natural or fragranced varieties are available. Natural Pure Unscented goat milk soap is so gentle it suits for bathing babies and little kids or those with super-sensitive skin.

Weight 100 g


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Lavender Fields, Pure Unscented, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Lemon Myrtle, Tea Tree Charcoal Facial, Peony Rose, Rainbow


Condition New

Apply directly to wet skin, or lather in hands. Massage with fingertips and rinse thoroughly. Use only as directed. If eye or skin irritation occurs, flush with water. Store your soap bar in a well-draining soap dish to keep it dry between uses.

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Fresh goat milk lye
  • Beeswax with herbs
  • Essential oils
  • Fragrance
  • Mica
  • Clays and charcoals as stated on soap types

Goat Milk Soap Bar (about 95g). This product is packaging-free, with the product information included on a paper-based label attached.

Goats milk soap is naturally a soft soap. If you leave them sitting in water, they will dissolve quickly. That is because of all the extra beneficial natural fats and oils in the soaps. Touch Wood Farm doesn’t use the chemical hardeners, palm oil or tallow that commercial soaps use to keep their soaps hard. They rather make soaps that are wonderful for your skin and the Earth. If you use a dry face washer or soap dish that drains all water from the soaps, they will last much longer naturally. Alternatively, buy two pieces and rotate them every couple of days – to leave one drying while you use the other one.

3 reviews for Goat Milk Soap Bar, Touchwood Farm

  1. ekaterina.yakovis

    Fantastic colors make hand washing fun.
    It is certainly fun in our house. We got at least three colors and kids play pick a color. I do not have to remind them to wash their hands and bathroom looks brighter.
    It can be a little soft at time when kids apply too much water but easy fix, if your kids spray too much water and keep the soap in the puddle just get the soap holder from this store or/and pup a little cloth underneath. Definitely will be buying this soaps again.

  2. julie-manager (verified owner)

    Not losing its color and amazing scent till the end

  3. ash.gornton (verified owner)

    Lemon myrtle smells nice

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