Bamboo Rainbow Plate with Silicone Suction, Emondo Kids


  • Made from FDA approved 100% sustainable Bamboo and food grade materials.
  • 3 individual compartments allowing to portion meals, saving time and waste.
  • Comes with a suction function which means it stays where you put it until you move it.

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These uniquely designed bamboo Rainbow plates made from FDA approved 100% sustainable Bamboo and food grade materials.

The Rainbow Plate features three (3) individual compartments allowing you to portion your child’s meals appropriately, saving you time, waste, and heartache.

The Rainbow plate comes with a suction function which means it stays where you put it until you move it! Perfect to combat those fussy little eaters that want to create their own rainbow, of mess all over the floor.

Dimensions 25 × 29 × 3 cm



How to dispose

Cardboard can be composted at home or recycled in kerbside recycling., Check with your local council if they will take it and what criteria they have for recycling it. You can “Find a recycler” near you here: https:

Condition New

Hand wash before initial use. Do not put in the dishwasher. Do not put in the Microwave. Do not submerge or soak in water. Wash with warm soapy water and towel dry immediately. Stand upright in a well ventilated area until completely dry. Do not dry flat.

Made of 100% Moso Bamboo and BPA free silicone, Food safe certified, ethically made.

Please note, each bowl will have its own character from the bamboo used and may vary in grain and colour from each other and the one pictured.

At Emondo Kids, we make mealtimes beautiful, creative and fun! Our emphasis is on fostering a positive relationship between children and food. By assisting parents to create an interactive and joyful eating experience, our range of uniquely designed Eco-Friendly dinnerware encourages healthy eating habits that shape a child’s development, for life.
We believe in looking after the world we live in, which is why we insist on using sustainable materials and manufacture our products to stringent FDA and ethical production standards.

Why choose us?

* Made from sustainable materials.
* Winner of the My Child Magazine Award (Silver) for Best dinnerware Product
* Winner of the Eco Excellence Award (in the U.S.)
* Gold Winner Best Product Design Ausmumpreneur Award
* Gold Winner Best Designer Roar Awards
* Uniquely designed to promote healthy eating habits
* Encourage creative interaction between parents and children.
* Grow with your child as they progress through early childhood
* Reinforce a positive mealtime experience
* Designed in Australia
* Food contact grade production
* FDA tested
* Manufactured to ethical standards
* Lightweight construction making them ideal for shipping
* Genuine keepsake item
* Ideal present for any occasion
* Promoting Australian native animals
* Free of nasties, no PBA or Melamine!T&C
Emondo Kids reserves the right to refuse service or credit. Our products and other visual promotional materials can only be used in your retail store, boutique or Online Website, and under no circumstances will the Retailer use them on online auction site including, but not limited to or online platforms such as Gumtree, Amazon, Etsy or Facebook or in Markets unless approved.


1 Bamboo Rainbow Plate with silicone suction packaged in cardboard.


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