Gifts that give back

All the money raised from just one candle is directly donated to three Australian not-for-profit organisations – Kenshi Candles Charity, the Little Cloud Foundation and Make A Difference Community.  It’s an amazing feeling to give a gift, even better when it’s one that keeps on giving. While direct donations to charities are wonderful, so many brands are now starting to realise they can use their amazing products to leverage donations by offering gifts that give back (Australia). Exactly like Kenshi Candles– the scented candles making a difference alongside not one, but three incredible charities. 

Give Back & Feel Good

You can pick a present that you will actually use and enjoy, or for your loved one and know that you are making a difference and the world a better place. Not only are you supporting the charities, but also the makers of these amazing products. Gifts that give back really are the best bang for your buck. Also, in our eyes the easiest way to get all those good fuzzy feelings that come from doing something good for someone else. Do good with nEARTHme.

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