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No-nasties Makeup Brand with a Purpose

A highly passionate, inspiring entrepreneur with heaps of heart and soul, Catherine, the creator of Catherine B, has a powerful mission behind her range of cruelty-free, zero-waste, no-nasties makeup.

From her natural lipsticks in a paper tube and ultra-nourishing botanical skincare products, nEARTHme is proud to stock these wonderful, wholesome items in our eco store. Making great eco-friendly gifts for the whole family. Each product is made on home soil, in Australia.

Products by Catherine B

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Story Behind The Brand

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Humble Beginnings

Born in a country town bordering Victoria and New South Wales in Australia, Catherine grew up living the farm life with her two parents and five older siblings. Her family lived off the land, growing organic fresh produce and using their own culled animals for meat.

With holistic family views, Catherine was raised to favor natural products and a healthy lifestyle over man-made chemicals, planting the seed for her later interest in nature-based health and wellness. 

Growing up, she enjoyed acting and dancing, going on to study for a degree in performing arts. A couple of years into her studies, she decided that her calling lay elsewhere upon revealing a draw towards massage, sparked by techniques learned amongst her dance class peers.

Along with an interest in natural makeup and skincare, the newfound passion started an extensive quest for learning massage which progressed to a massively influential introduction to essential oils.

This introduction became a moment of planetary alignment for Catherine and was the catalyst to big aspirations in the natural beauty and wellness field. The essential oils quickly took over as her main focus from there.

The Power of Essential Oils

Used in Folk medicine throughout history, essential oils are some of the most fast-acting treatments for a variety of ailments. Studies show that when using essential oils on the body, traces can be found in the bloodstream within a very short amount of time and can be soothing for the body and mind.

Catherine says she finds the most powerful thing about essential oils is that they work on our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being all at the same time. Just thinking that the brain can have an emotional reaction to an essential oil’s aroma before even recognizing the smell, shows us that essential oils are simply amazing!

For the next 13 years, Catherine’s work with essential oils prevailed, taking her on a journey of studies, travels, and treating clients. This included a trip to Ecuador where she observed the practices of masters in the trade, including a company offering intravenous essential oil treatments with remarkable outcomes.

With this extensive new knowledge and experience in the field, she went on to achieve her title as a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, allowing her to delve even deeper into the trade, helping many people along their transformational journeys. 

A Journey of Discovery

Within her journey of discovering the healing capabilities of essential oils came a journey of self-discovery and inner healing. Growing up in a society where women often are made to feel like they aren’t good enough, Catherine felt broken, or that she needed to fix herself for just being who she naturally is, “I used to beat myself up for being me” – Catherine says.

After years of growth and reflection, she was able to see, with a great sigh of relief, that she is exactly who she is meant to be; a sentiment she says every woman deserves to discover within themselves as well.

With that goal in mind and the need for a change, Catherine and her husband made the decision to move to the thriving city of New York. There, she was able to shed her skin and immerse herself in a new, vibrant energy shift.

After 7 years in the city, doing one-on-one transformation work, including energy realignment with the help of essential oils, she embarked on the journey of parenthood and moved to Canada.

A year in a small Canadian country town quickly made her think of home and the warm community, encouraging the move back to Melbourne Australia, where the Catherine B workshop now prospers.

While in Canada, Catherine spent time dabbling in skincare and beauty products, and upon arriving back home, pursued and completed a Diploma of Natural Skincare. She then decided to stay true to her mission once more and continue helping women reconnect with themselves and their bodies, this time using her products.

Products with a Purpose

Starting with a Womb Cream designed to bring women closer and more in touch with their creative seat – The Womb – Catherine began formulating products and selling them at local markets.

During this time, Catherine accidentally formulated her first bestseller product, Magic Salve, creating a cream for a terrible infection on her husband’s finger that would not heal. Needless to say, her Magic Salve did the trick in a matter of 24 hours, earning its fitting title!

This product works wonders thanks to a combination of antibacterial components like Clove, lemon, and rosemary, combined with anti-inflammatory essential oils like Teatree, Copaiba, and the famed Blue Cypress Oil which has unbelievable skin-repairing properties.

Catherine makes a point not to use filler oils for her product base, as many natural product manufacturers do. Instead, she chooses to use quality, nut-free oils like baobab, to improve their accessibility to people with allergies and make her product of higher grade.

One day, Catherine purchased lipstick from an essential oils company and was shocked to find that it did not have any essential oils in at all! Proving her point, this instantly inspired her to deliver on that missed promise and the Catherine B lipstick range, made with pure essential oils, shea butter, and organic vegan candelilla or carnauba wax was born.

Now knowing that natural beauty and skin products with a purpose was her calling, she began expanding her range to feature more botanical vegan makeup products, natural face serums, and body scrubs, all made in Australia.

Sustainable and Handmade

Getting started with making natural lipsticks was a challenge as most lipstick producers are large manufacturers for a lucrative industry. After eventually finding another handmade lipstick creator, Catherine took a course and made her first color, Spring Pink, which she says was a big trial and error period.

After pushing through and perfecting her formula, the first Catherine B lipstick range of beautiful colors was launched, including something for every occasion and complexion.

Each lipstick is sustainably hand-poured one by one in Catherine’s home workshop, using a set of molds she thoroughly cleans and oils between uses. She premixes batches of lipstick base, consisting of shea butter, vegan candelilla or carnauba wax, and a wide range of luxury essential oils.

To give the lipsticks their gorgeous colors, Catherine also premixes a carefully formulated combination of natural pigment powders such as colored mica powder, iron oxide, and titanium dioxide.

Her entire process is eco-friendly, even down to using biodegradable cellophane to wrap the lipstick molds and using biodegradable gloves. The only plastic unfortunately needed at this stage is the small plastic clasp inside each paper carton lipstick tube, used to hold the lipstick in place. This still puts Catherine’s natural lipsticks at more than a 50% plastic reduction compared to traditional store-bought lipstick. Every bit counts! She also offers lipsticks in small aluminum tints – which is a completely plastic-free solution.

Traditional lipstick is also made with as many filler ingredients as possible to cut costs and improve profits for large makeup brands. In turn, this creates an abundance of lipsticks that contain nothing nutritive for the lips and produce a very drying result.

Catherine’s natural lipsticks and all her makeup products are made with real, salt-of-the-earth ingredients that nourish and hydrate the lips and skin deeply for a beneficial and lasting experience. Quality and benefits come first for Catherine B, “Money is not what drives my company.” she says.

After her lipsticks came Eyebrow Pomade, which will soon be joined by eyebrow pencils, followed by super pigmented Cream Blush, gorgeous Shimmer Gloss Pots, a wide range of Foundations, the ultra-popular body scrub Spa Bars and so much more!

A Powerful Message

Above all the formulation, blending, and packaging, Catherine’s biggest passion of all has never been lost. With each product made, her mission to help women fall in love with themselves again and see their natural beauty still seamlessly coincides, like a divine calling.

At the core of every Catherine B product, there is a greater purpose set. Catherine uses positive affirmations while she works, unlocking positive energy within each item in the spirit of passing on those good intentions.

Even her base premixes are made with love and intention, featuring a label on the jar of positive affirmations to help infuse each lipstick. Words like “love,” “peace,” “truth,” and “courage” can be seen written on the jar’s label.

The idea is largely inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s studies on how human consciousness could change the structure of water. His studies revealed that labeling a jar of water with a word like “love” and setting those intentions in the jar before freezing the water, created the most beautiful water crystals to behold.

With humans being made up of at least 70% water, based on his study it is no wonder we are so greatly affected by the words and intentions of others, as well as the intentions set on the products we use. 

All Catherine B products are made with love and the dedication to improving women’s confidence, as well as the determination to create the highest quality, most nourishing no-nasties makeup nature could offer. Each item is so gentle on the skin that the natural makeup is safe for kids

Vegan and Eco-friendly makeup

Looking forward, Catherine plans to work towards keeping up her standard of zero-waste sustainable production, using only sustainable packaging like paper tubing and tins.

She plans to expand her business, transforming her home into a workshop where guests may come and try products in person, enjoying a more immersive experience. As Catherine B grows, the possibility to welcome and train interns into the company comes to light, working to maintain the handmade, human feel of the products, another important aspect for Catherine.

With the natural, no-nasties makeup side of the brand established, and a few more products underway, including a range of eyeshadows and mascara, she looks forward to broadening her range of healing products. From skincare to hay-fever support, the possibilities are endless when it comes to botanicals and Catherine’s intense passion for her craft.

More Than Just a Makeup Brand

Catherine B is more than just an eco-friendly, organic makeup brand, it is a way for women, and family, to lift their spirits and self-confidence with the power of nature.

A beautiful medley of essential oils enlightens the senses with every application, working deeply with your emotions and offering a lovely mood enhancement to complement any day or night.

Whether you believe in magic or not, there is no doubt that Catherine’s intentions for her products make a profound impact on every user, not only transforming physical beauty but highlighting inner beauty as well.

To finish on sentiment by Catherine about achieving your dreams, she says that if you want to achieve anything, the “how” is not important, focus on the “why” and what it is you want, and as she would say with a bright smile on her face “Get out of your own way!”

Products by Catherine B

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