Cruelty-Free Natural Soap by The Australian Natural Soap Company

The Australian Natural Soap Company was founded by husband-and-wife duo Emma and Anthony from their humble kitchen in Melbourne. After growing tired of soaps that were packed with nasty artificial chemicals that always seemed to irritate, the couple decided to make their own. Starting as just a hobby, friends and family soon caught on and enjoyed their creations. Soon Emma and Anthony’s passion project outgrew their kitchen, and they opened up their first shop to the public at the South Melbourne Market back in 2013. Here others started to enjoy their all-natural creations and a loyal customer base grew and grew. 

Now, The Australian Natural Soap Company is worldwide, selling in hundreds of stores across the country and the world. Emma and Anthony developed a special slow-set soap making method that ensures all the ingredients maintain their amazing benefits and healing properties. Despite their growth, all the soaps are still handmade by the team in Dandenong, Melbourne. The company now produces over a thousand of kilos of soap per week. That’s a lot of handmade soap!

Aussie soap supplies Enriched from Australia’s natural essential oils 

The Australian Natural Soap Company (otherwise known as the ansc) is named in ode to Australia’s rich natural oils. In fact, Australia is home to some of the best natural oils in the world. These oils are perfect as nourishing moisturisers and for so many different skin types. Each bar of soap is produced by oils from Australian farmers in specific regions that are easily traceable. Working with local growers has ensured the highest quality oils are used in every single bar. When oils can’t be sourced locally, some overseas producers are used- like shea butter from the African karite trees. Again, each of these producers is artisan premium suppliers with a passion for what they do.

High-quality pure essential oils from plants carry a greater natural scent therefore there is no need for fake fragrances and artificial chemicals. Each essential oil has its benefits. Like lemongrass oil– a citrus oil known for its abundance of benefits and soothing properties. Lemongrass is commonly used in aromatherapy to relieve stress and anxiety due to its refreshing aromas. It also is used to naturally repel insects and support digestion when taken orally. Or what about peppermint oil? Used for killing germs, stopping itching, reducing pain, improving mental function, and treating colds- just to name a few. 

Essential oils are extracted from plant parts such as bark, flowers, roots, seeds and leaves to make highly concentrated natural compounds. These are added to each and every Australian natural soap bar to replace sulphates, parabens, and detergents. The use of Australian essential oils enhances every soap bar naturally while smelling amazing. 

Bar soaps for so many different purposes while reducing the need for plastic bottles

The Australian Natural Soap Company has an extensive range of soap bars for a multitude of purposes. Their body and hand soap range include the Australian Bush Range Soaps, Essential Oils Soaps, Guest Soaps, Unscented Soaps, Soaps for Sensitive Skin and Exfoliating Soaps. There is also a range of Shampoo & Conditioning soap for oil, dry, sensitive hair. There are bars for your beard and even your dog. They even have facial cleansing soap for all different skin needs. The facial cleansing soap range includes zinc, activated charcoal cleanser, and avocado cleanser. And don’t forget the range of Australian salt cleansing bars including Australian pink, white, black, green and yellow. Who knew there were that many cleansing salts colours in our beautiful backyard? 

One of their best sellers isn’t probably what you think though. Although all their soaps are amazing, it’s the Dish & Laundry Soap which is the real favourite. But soap to wash your dishes and do your laundry? What? How does that work? 

How to use laundry bar soap and create soap flakes 

Well, using Dish & Laundry Soap is actually incredibly easy. To add to your laundry, as you would normal laundry powder or detergent, the first step is to grate the soap. Just like a block of cheese which turns the soap bar into soap flakes. Once grated, add one heaped tablespoon of the soap flakes to your front loader or directly into your top loader. You can also add a small amount for handwashing or rub the bar directly on clothes for tough stubborn stains. 

For dishwashing, just add a small amount of grated soap and let it dissolve. You can also use the dish bar in a soap cage which you can swirl in the water. Or wet the soap, apply to a dish brush and then use or rub directly on to dishes. The Dish & Laundry Soap also makes an incredible cleaning paste. All you have to do is add one part of the laundry bar soap to one part of hot water and let it dissolve until it forms a paste. This cleaning paste can be used for cleaning so many items around the house or as just another way to clean dishes and laundry. This option is great for reducing plastic which would otherwise be used to contain liquid varieties. 

Eco Friendly packaging for the planet 

The Dish & Laundry Solid Soap was actually awarded the Australian Non-Toxic Award in 2020 for both the laundry and dishwashing categories. These awards recognise and celebrate the best in non-toxic and socially responsible products. It’s easy to see why, because each bar can be used for multiple purposes and is an amazing option to reduce plastic. In line with their passion for all-natural products, the Australian Natural Soap Company is proudly plastic-free. In an effort to reduce waste, all soaps are packaged using recycled cardboard and paper. This packaging can either be recycled or popped into your compost bin. As well as this, because of the all-natural ingredients used in the soap, the tiny leftover bits are 100% biodegradable. 

Palm Oil Free Cruelty-Free Natural Soap from the ANSC

Of course, being a natural soap company, all of their products are cruelty-free, vegan and palm oil-free. This is 100% guaranteed. The Australian Natural Soap Company does not test on any animals at any point during the entire soap-making process. They proudly carry the Cruelty-Free Logo across the entire range. All soaps are completely vegan as no kinds of milk or beeswax are used.

The Australian Natural Soap Company is also certified Palm Oil Free by The Orangutan Alliance. Unfortunately, the palm oil industry is the reason for absolute devastation for the orangutan populations in Malaysia and Indonesia. Due to the demand for palm oil in traditional soaps, forest regions in Malaysia and Indonesia have declined by 30% in just five years. The difficult aspect of this problem is that palm oil is often labelled under different names in Australia, such as vegetable oil. The Australian Natural Soap Company shares our values in protecting the Earth and all its inhabitants which is why they offer palm oil-free alternatives. From every soap bar purchased, the Australian Natural Soap Company also donates to key NGO’s who are protecting orangutans. 

By buying from the range of The Australian Natural Soap Company, you are not only helping to support a local Australian-owned and run business but also the Planet. Making the switch to bar soap is one of the most effective ways to reduce plastic. It also makes a huge impact in the transition away from products that contain palm oil to protect endangered species. Good for your skin, good for the planet. Shop The Australian Natural Soap Company through our online eco store today. 

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