About us

Our mission

NEARTHme promotes Earth-friendly, toxin-free eco-living with a wide range of sustainable products to fit your every need in style.


We believe every person can make a difference through small achievable changes, without the need to sacrifice comforts or quality for the greater good. Eco-living can be convenient and luxurious, with lush organic makeup and natural skincare products setting a great example. Through our compassionately sourced eco-conscious range, we strive to help our customers implement eco-habits – wherever possible, one step at a time.

Our story

Founded in 2020 by our trio of like-minded eco-conscious women, nEARTHme was created to spark a passion for living a sustainable, toxin-free lifestyle without the sacrifice of comfort or quality.


After the whole world stood still due to the covid-19 pandemic, our founder, Anna, made the life-changing decision to say goodbye to her busy corporate lifestyle, and start something she would be proud to leave behind: a zero-waste online eco store in Australia, paving the way for families across the country to adopt a healthier, more sustainable future.


Later joined by our two co-founders, supply chain organizer, Olga, and digital designer, Elena. The team set out to grow the range of eco products to encompass all aspects of daily living, including self-care and beauty products, sustainable homeware, eco-friendly baby care, and so much more!


The goal is for all nEARTHme products to assist or replace everyday items that currently pollute the Earth or contribute to the planet’s climate crisis in any way. This is why all our packaging is as eco-friendly and waste-free as possible and all ingredients are natural with no nasties to worry about.


Ultimately, there is no planet B and our beautiful blue Planet is reaching its limit. We believe that every step counts, and each one of us can make a big difference if we all stand together and make conscious decisions about what we buy and the long-term impact of our choices.

Giving back

Healthy people create a healthy planet. Our passion for creating a better world through sustainably sourced, eco-conscious products doesn’t end with our love for our beloved blue Earth, but extends to the beautiful people it supports.

Membership with Make a Difference Community

As a proud member of Make a Difference Community, a social enterprise dedicated to eradicating hunger in Australia, $1 from every transaction in our eco-store is donated towards the cause.

$1 funds 0.5kg of pasta = 4 meals for people in need

Make a Difference Community believes that transaction-based giving is the future to solving many social challenges, as the enterprise doesn’t rely on any donations to provide enormous amounts of food for disadvantaged people across the country. Transaction-based giving allows you to be part of the solution for tens of thousands of hungry Australians simply by consciously choosing where you shop.

This incredible initiative runs smoothly with the help of food charity partners such as Foodbank, Secondbite, FareShare, and many other inspiring organizations. For more information about Make a Difference Community, visit their website and see their amazing progress so far.

Our Kenshi Charity Candles Partnership


In conjunction with Make a Difference Community and Little Cloud Foundation, our Kenshi Charity Candles partnership endeavors to improve the lives of people in need around the world with a product that is both high-impact, and high-value.


Kenshi Charity Candles is an initiative started by an ambitious 14-year old boy, anxious to make a difference in the world. Every candle is now skillfully hand-poured in Melbourne Australia by Chin refugees, who rely on their craft for much-needed income after fleeing from an oppressive government in Myanmar.


Thanks to our membership with Make a Difference Community, each Kenshi Candle sold also funds 1kg of pasta, equating to 8 meals for disadvantaged people across Australia. With your support of conscious purchases, the social enterprise is able to provide tonnes of food for disadvantaged communities without needing to ask for a single donation.


For maximum impact of this partnership, we have decided to donate all net profits from every candle sold to Little Cloud Foundation, a volunteer-run charity dedicated to helping support abandoned, orphaned, and sick children in CIS countries.


This partnership means a lot to us, and we are proud to share the change-driven initiatives of each organization with you. For more information on Kenshi Charity Candles and Little Cloud Foundation, please visit their websites.

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