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Mimic Nature With Natural Ingredients

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Selecting the very best products means using the very best ingredients. So of course, 100% natural and toxin free ingredients are the way to go. We believe looking after your skin also means looking after the earth. Which is why most of the products on our eco store are organic.

Organic ingredients from organic farming means less harmful chemicals are used in the process. Organic farming also promotes a more sustainable use of resources and less pollution.
Organic ingredients from organic farming means less harmful chemicals are used in the process. Organic farming also promotes a more sustainable use of resources and less pollution.

We Support Australian Artisan Makers

As important as it is to reduce plastic pollution, it is equally important to support locals. This is why nEARTHme only stocks products from Australian owned brands. Supporting family owned businesses helps to create and support jobs within Australia. Everyday Aussies and families just like yours. Not only this but working with small Australian artisan manufacturers ensures the highest quality is always maintained. A bad reputation can destroy a small business. As a result, small businesses work extra hard to produce nothing less than high-quality products. This is maintained across the entire process, from start to finish. From sourcing ingredients right through to speaking on the phone to customers. High quality always prevails.

By nature, small businesses have a personal approach to their customers. Like a good friend helping to support one another and boost each other up. Also money-making is not why they created their businesses  – all our suppliers have the values which we share with them – such as caring for the Planet, being conscious in their choices and giving back to the community from day 1. This is exactly why nEARTHme has chosen to partner with as many Australian businesses in the online eco store. This includes the mother-daughter duo of Shampoo With A Purpose. Or the fourteen-year-old kid, Liam Foldi on a mission to change the world with Kenshi Candles.  Or Ellie from Nudie Beauty who was just twelve-year-old when she created her vegan range of skincare and soaps. And also Catherine  – the maker behind Catherine B brand of organic makeup infused with essential oils. Catherine is on a mission to help all women to fall in love with themselves. 

In fact, 90% of the eco-products in our online eco store are Australian made. With the exception of some products that are made with steel and bamboo. Some Australian facilities just don’t manufacture certain materials. In this case, responsibly sourced manufacturers overseas it is.Don’t worry, the high-quality standard is still ensured.  

Every Bit Counts With Small Batches

In support of local and sustainable alternatives, small-batch producers have also been chosen. The way products are made is just as important as what they are made from. Producing small batch quantities ensures the highest quality ingredients and care go into each and every product. Attention to detail from start to finish.

Small batch manufacturing is also characteristic of being more environmentally sustainable. This is because small-batch manufacturing only produces what is needed. This helps to eliminate additional waste that is often associated with mass production. There is an element of exclusivity with each small batch run. And very special knowing something is made by hand by genuine people who care. Yes, please.

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere... Why we are on a mission to reduce plastic usage.

Plastic is one of the most detrimental factors destroying our environment and oceans today. Over 275 million tonnes of plastic waste is thrown away globally every year. Consequently, it doesn’t biodegrade and the impact on wildlife is heartbreaking. Conventional plastic was used for its versatility and cost-effectiveness. It is so easy to use and so everyone started to do so without realising the full consequences. However, in recent years people are beginning to understand the harmful effects plastic causes and deciding there needs to be a change.

Caring for the Earth starts with small steps. Just think, a few years ago doing your grocery shopping with plastic bags was completely normal. These days? No way! Going to the coffee shop without your reusable cup? I don’t think so. Beginning to notice how much plastic is a part of everyday life is a little overwhelming. Whether it is brushing your teeth, looking after your skin or simply cleaning your homes, once you notice single-use plastic – you notice it everywhere. 

Thankfully, lots of eco-conscious businesses have turned the plastic problem into an opportunity for innovation. As a result, there are so many amazing eco alternatives out there now to help anyone on their sustainability journey. That’s why at nEARTHme we’ve curated a selection of premium Australian made small batch eco products to help you.
Selecting a product range that really makes a difference meant observing daily rituals and noticing where conventional plastic products could be replaced. Where there is a way to reduce plastic consumption, nEARTHme has the answer. Not only do nEARTHme products reduce plastic, but the range also supports small local businesses. Helping the planet and people has never been more accessible.

Eco-friendly Packaging

It’s the whole package that counts when it comes to sustainability. That’s why all of our products are sent using eco-friendly packaging. Every exciting parcel you receive from nEARTHme is 100% plastic free and comes in a compostable bag. Just open your eco-friendly gifts and pop the biodegradable bag straight into your compost bin. Over time it will break down and feed the earth. Composting is one of the most effective ways to reduce waste naturally and keeps everything going around in a circle.

For the other packing materials, packaging has been kept to a minimal wherever possible. Some products need a bit of extra cushion, like candles or glass used as sustainable packaging for skincare. So for these eco products you may notice bubble wrap, wood wool or corn chips (not the edible kind). Don’t worry, all of these are environmentally friendly and contain no plastic. The chips are dissolvable in water. Or chuck them in the compost with the wood wool. 

All labels and cards are also made from recycled paper. Even the tape that holds everything together is made from paper activated by water. Either way, you can reuse or compost all boxes and packaging materials. We really have thought of all the details here at nEARTHme.


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